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New Learning Room Cubbies!

It's been a busy few days here for the Sun and Candle crew ... I thought I'd never get a chance to sit down and blog! Hope you all had a nice weekend ... one of the really neat things we did this past weekend was to add a new component to our learning room ...


... new set of cubbies (officially known as an entry bench) that Bill picked up at the unfinished furniture store.


I think it's meant to reside in a mud hall - a convenient spot to take off your boots and stash away your hats, gloves, scarves, etc. But for us it works perfectly as a storage system for the boys' learning materials. Each child gets a basket for his books (text books, workbooks, notebooks and current reads) and on top of the bench I set out the in basket, library books and monthly educational magazines.

Some of you might remember we used tote bags at one time for the boys stuff - well, the bags got rather ungainly so we're using them for other things now.

This weekend, February's last, I plan to do some sprucing up in the learning room - changing the nature shelf, bulletin board and window decor to herald the new season. Yes, we are very eager for spring around here. ;)

Hope you all are having a good week so far ... I'll be back here again just as soon as I can. :)