Wordless Wednesday
Friday's This and That

Don't worry ... he's ok!

I wanted to follow up on my Wordless Wednesday post since several readers were concerned for our crazy little "stuck squirrel." Rest assured, he wasn't actually "stuck" - he got out of the feeder safely. In fact, this is something he does frequently! 

He just sits on top of the feeder:


Then dives down for seed:


Spends some time finding just the "right" seed:


Then starts wiggling himself back out, furry feet flailing:


And finally sits atop the feeder enjoying his spoils:


It's hilarious to watch, and he's quite adept at it, too! Squirrels are true acrobats when it comes to acquiring seed. 

Now, the red squirrels do this as well - but as they are much smaller and faster we don't worry about them getting stuck. Chipmunks however ... well, they tend to get stuck. I've had to rescue a chipmunk from time to time from the bottom of the feeder. 

So, there's the whole squirrel story lol! And Happy Thursday everyone ~ hope your week is going well. I got hit with that virus thing that had Bill and the boys coughing and aching last week. Fortunately, I spent a day in bed and it seemed to quiet down - now I just have a hoarse voice. Cough drops and gatorade do wonders. ;)

Be back again soon!