Tuesday Tidbits
An Irish Wish from Me to You ...

This Week's Homekeeping Journal Notes

Weather Notes: Rainy ~ incredibly rainy and windy and raw! We've had quite a stormy wet weekend here in New England and there has been some serious flooding in areas. Conditions are so bad in fact, some towns cancelled school! My boys wondered if that meant they got the day off from their studies ... well, you can imagine my answer to that. One of the benefits of homeschooling: learning can - and does - take place anytime, anywhere. ;)

Nature Notes: Despite the stormy weather, Spring feels closer than ever. And, after today, our week looks very promising: sunny with temps in the higher 50s. I can hardly wait to see the changes that take place after all this rain and a good dose of sunshine. I bet there will be plenty of Spring activity to observe! The robins have been having a field day of course, hopping all over the lawn, snatching up the earthworms just under the surface. Also this week, I am starting some research on how to attract Eastern Bluebirds to our yard.

Kitchen Notes: Tonight's supper will be grilled chicken sandwiches with tossed salad and roasted potatoes - and for dessert, homemade oatmeal raisin cookies. For St. Patrick's Day (this Wednesday), I plan to serve beef and potatoes with a crusty brown bread, and on Friday morning I am going to bake some homemade donuts for St. Joseph's Day. I will probably make plain vanilla donuts, but whip up a maple-flavored icing as a special treat. This weekend brings the First Day of Spring (hurrah!) and in celebration we'll have spring veggie omelets with home fries and chicken-apple sausages - YUM!

Housekeeping Notes: Fresh linens for the beds today - I'm holding off on storing away the flannels. Nights are still nippy here through the end of April. I have much clean laundry to fold and put away and still more laundry to start. I'm working on a Spring Cleaning checklist for myself - culling advice from several books and online sources. 

Miscellaneous Notes:

~ Nature Club April Meeting this week: our theme this month is "Nature Photography" and the kids will search the woods for the earliest signs of spring.

~ Moms Movie Night at a friend's house later this week. We'll be watching "The Proposal" starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.

~ The movie "New Moon" comes out on DVD this Saturday! :)

~ And my blog turns FOUR years old this weekend too!


 Well, that's all for now ... hope you all have a great day!