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A New Journal, The PWD, and Library Books

In other words, a bit of this and that. ;)

Happy Palm Sunday, everyone! Can you believe Easter is only a week away? Are we ready? Not by a longshot, but I'm so glad it's on its way. :)

It's a quiet day here ... Bill is installing our new kitchen flooring (Earlybird is not a fan of super loud power tools, fyi) and I'm working in my planner, organizing book piles and making photocopies for the week ahead. Ran to Whole Foods earlier today to stock up on EB-friendly Easter candy (shhhh) and assorted sundries like geranium hand wash, our favorite coffee beans and a pound plus of fresh rhubarb. (A crumble for midweek, I think.)

Another thing I did this weekend was to make up a new journal for myself. My old one was bursting at the seams (see picture below) so it was time to decorate a new notebook for the coming months ...


Old journal on left, new journal on right (above and below):


 Depending on how actively I journal, my notebooks get filled within a few months. Here's a glimpse at a recent spread, just for kicks: 


A smattering of magazine clippings, a bit of yarn from a skein I purchased online, a pretty sticker and a few random notes.

Yesterday was quite busy for us ... I sat on a panel of homeschoolers as part of an information session at a nearby library. My friend Leigh organizes these discussion panels for our local homeschool group as well as our statewide support group. It's a great way for veteran homeschoolers to share information, experience and encouragement with local parents considering their option to home educate their children. But it's a lot of fun for those of us who sit on the panel as well - to talk about some of our favorite topics - home education, parenting, books, friendships and children. I came away from our afternoon chat refreshed and invogorated!

While I was at the library, Bill had Crackerjack at his very first Pinewood Derby. Here is our proud Webelo with his car, The Pinpoint:



He had a lot of fun and is already thinking up design plans for next year. :)

And last but not least, I though I'd share what came home in our library bag this week:

A Natural Sense of Wonder

The Story of Yankee Whaling

The Scrimshaw Ring

How to Speak Dragonese


The Proposal (for the parents, not the kids)

We also have a whole bunch of books on Louis Pasteur on request - Bookworm is doing a report on this famous scientist for his French class next month. They should be in at our local branch later this week.

OK, the boys are outside now and things have quieted down. Bill is now working on our gutters - we're expecting more rain this week so keep your fingers crossed for us! And as always, thanks for stopping by ~ I hope you have a good week!