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Bookworm's Birthday

Happy Monday, everyone! 

Our Bookworm turned - gasp! - 15 last week, and we had the family over yesterday for some celebrating. Thought I'd share some pictures with you this morning ...

(Actually the first two pics are from last Tuesday night, Bookworm's actual birthday - he was born at 6:56 p.m. on the first full day of Summer. :) This was back when drive-thru deliveries were in effect - if he had been born 4 minutes later I'd have had an extra day in the hospital. As it was we (nervous first time parents) were heading home with a newborn less than a day after delivery!)


The cupcakes I made that night.


The three boys with Bookworm's "big gift" from us and my folks: a Lego set he's wanted for some time.


And here's the dining room set up for Sunday's gathering ...


Presents and cards gathered in the front window ...


... and a close-up of the flowers, plucked from our own yard. :)


A side table filled with plates, napkins etc. and the delicious fudge-frosted cake my mum made ...


Another flower close-up - more blooms from our gardens!


I didn't get a picture of the lunch buffet, but these were the nibblies set out beforehand ...


We like to use these tin tubs for keeping drinks cold and convenient outside.  


And finally, the cake in all its glory - more and more candles each year!

I hope you all have a great week - we're off to a hot start here in New England! Thanks so much for stopping by ~ I'll see you all again soon. :)

Happy Summer!


(And a happy hummer!) 

The Solstice arrived at 7:28 this morning ... though it's felt like summer for weeks now, it is now officially a brand new season!

I'm sorry to have been missing these past two weeks - we've been quite busy trying to catch back up after all that "time off." Our academic year has not quite come to a close ... but we're getting there. ;)

I'll post again soon - hope your week is off to a good start!

It's a Few Days Late ...

... but we finally made our Memorial Day Flag Cake!



Doubly delicious: chocolate AND vanilla! (There's a layer of cocoa cream frosting in the middle.)

I had LOTS of help baking this cake. As I've been feeling better I have found it so satisfying to get back to a relative routine - as odd as it sounds I've been relishing cleaning and cooking again!

As we assembled the cake, Crackerjack proposed naming a significant historical event for each flag we placed on top - and this is what he came up with:

  1. The Battle of Bunker Hill
  2. The Signing of the Declaration of Independence
  3. Barack Obama is elected as President of the United States
  4. The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
  5. The Steam Engine is invented.
  6. The Shot Heard 'Round the World

As for the cake itself? It tasted very delicious. :)

Happy Thursday, my friends!

Good News! (An update on Bookworm)

I spoke with the pediatrician yesterday and she said the radiologist read Bookworm's x-ray as negative for pneumonia! She said he most likely has a virus and to continue with fluids, rest and cough suppressant if he needs it for sleeping at night. He also needs to finish the Zithromax because apparently you should never stop an antibiotic course once it's been started.

We are so relieved that - first of all - he's feeling so much better, and second of all, that his illness is less serious than we thought. (I'm also relieved to think my own pneumonia was most likely not contagious.) 

THANK YOU for all your prayers and well wishes - we deeply appreciate each and every one. I also thank those of you who shared your own family illness stories and helped set my mind at ease.

Before I go, could I ask you to remember my reader Tracy (from NJ)'s daughter who has been recently hospitalized with pneumonia? It's such a frightening time for their family and I know they would appreciate your prayers and good thoughts just as much as we did!

Things are calming down around here ... slowly getting back to some normalcy. Thanks again for your support and your patience. I'll be back again with a new post just as soon as I can. :)