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My New Fall Bag

A few of my readers noticed I mentioned a "new fall pocketbook" in a post last week - but then I didn't offer a link or a picture! Well, without further ado, here it is:


I ordered the "Rangely Embroidered Tote in Corduroy" from LL Bean. I use a very similar bag in the summer months (orange starfish stitched on beige canvas). I loved the size and shape of my summer tote, so I was very happy to find a bag just like it, but of a more autumnal nature. And yes, those are little red foxes embroidered against the brown corduroy. Most of my readers know my penchant for all things "woodland." :)

So let's take a look inside shall we?


It's quite roomy actually, and the zippered portion in the back panel holds a lot.


Tucked inside my bag I have: my daily planner (more portable than my large month-at-a-glance calendar), my menu/marketing notebook, wallet, coupon pouch, hand cream, Rolaids, lip glosses, and blush (held together with an elastic band lol). I usually have my cell phone with me too, but it was charging when I took these photos. 

Now, if I need to bring my larger calendar and/or weekly folder with me somewhere (i.e. a planning meeting or a coffee night with the girls) I take my large quilted backpack instead. Case in point, the older boys had a lengthy orthodontist appointment this morning so I packed up my backpack with things to occupy my time ...


... sections of the Sunday paper to look through (including coupons to clip), alongside my monthly calendar (with weekly folder tucked inside). 

But for most of my everyday errands the smaller tote does me just fine. For instance ...


(I felt a bit silly taking this photo, but I figured an "action shot" would be fun.)

So those are my bags at the moment. If you've ever done a "what's in my bag" post at your blog, please leave me a link in the comments below - I LOVE seeing other people's bags!

Hope your week's off to a great start! :)