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Through the Woods, Down a Cave, Up a Tower ...


Our field trip on Monday was fantastic! Truly, one of the best we've been on. We followed a ranger through a local forest reserve and learned - not only about the local flora and fauna - but lots of fascinating New England history as well! (A tale that involved pirates and treasure and earthquakes and explosives - the kids were all ears!)

"Ranger Dan" led us deep into the woods, down inside a cave and then way up high in a stone tower! Here are some pictures I took on this glorious October day ... I hope you enjoy them!

Walking by the reservoir ...


A steep climb up to the cave ...


These great boulders were left behind by a glacier during the last ice age ...


And here we have the entrance to the cave itself ... the site of suspected pirate's buried treasure.


This is "Flat Stanley" ~ we are escorting him around the area this week. A schoolgirl from California sent him to me!


The ranger led us down in two groups - it was so dark and wet and slippery. To be honest, it was pretty creepy!


Needless to say I didn't go down to the very bottom of the cave. I left that to my braver (and more sure-footed) companions, lol.


After the cave, we walked a bit further uphill to this magnificent tower:


It was built in the 1930s for observation. A steep spiral staircase inside led us to the very top of the tower where we had *incredible* views of the surrounding area.


This would be Boston in the distance.


And the Atlantic ocean ...




After we left the tower, we started our descent back to the base of the park. As you can see it was an absolutely idyllic autumn day. 


Thanks for taking the time to stop by and look at my pictures today. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend ... I'll be back again just as soon as I can. :)