September's Nature Notes
Happy Monday Morning

Batten down the hatches ...

... because we're in for an October nor'easter starting sometime tonight! We had a field trip planned for tomorrow (a ranger-led tour of a local state park) but that has been postponed till next week. Truth be told, this actually works out better for us, as most of my family members are fighting a nasty head cold at the moment. In my book, a cold rainy day is best spent at home - reading, resting and maybe making soup. :)

I hope your week has been a good one so far ... not much new here (hence the slow posting) but I hope to blog a bit over the weekend ...

Before I go, look what my brother brought me back from Mexico:


Isn't it lovely? I have just the chain for it too. :)

Happy-Almost-Weekend, my friends ~ see you all again soon ...