A Peek at My Holiday Planner(s)
Happy Trails ...

Random Wednesday

Dear Readers ~ 

As I write, it's very early in the morning ~ dark as night, rainy and cold. According to the forecast, this will be our last soggy day and then a stretch of nippy dry weather has been promised for the weekend and beyond. The heat is rumbling through the house and I turned the family room fireplace on a few minutes ago. Suddenly my children are waking and slowly the coffee's kicking in ...

So now for a few random thoughts:

Educator Weeks Ahead!

Barnes & Noble has an Educator Appreciation Week coming up! Beginning this Saturday and running through Sunday, the 17th. I plan to stop by and pick up a few things (hopefully some Christmas gifts!) as well as a frothy steamed milk flavored with pumpkin spice (thanks to Sarah for the suggestion!). I believe Border's is also running their Educator Appreciation Week, today through Sunday. So get those teacher cards ready!


My Current Holiday Planner Tasks:

Work on Thanksgiving menu. (Our goal is to serve a mostly local feast!)

Order a free-range farm turkey - done!

Brainstorm this year's Advent Calendar project. (Wreath? Tags? Bulletin board?)

Ask boys about Halloween costumes.


For Dinner Tonight:

Smoked chicken sausage and roasted vegetables, served over rice. Oatmeal-raisin cookies for dessert.


Reading Notes

I finally finished Mockingjay last night (the third and final book in the Hunger Games series). It was very good ~ a shocking, but satisfying, end to an absolutely enthralling story. No idea what I'll read next ... maybe I'll do a little browsing at B&N on Saturday? (What are you reading right now?)


Well, I guess that's all for now ... time to get things rolling here, now that the darkness has lifted, and breakfast is being requested. ;)

Have a great day, everyone ~ see you all again sometime soon. :)