October's Fading Glory
Snapshots from Today

What's Up Wednesday?

Just some random things popping around in my head today ...


This is our Happy "Family Birthday" Cake ~ a two-layer butter cake with penuche frosting. SO delicious!

Wet and windy here today - we're going to lose a lot of our pretty foliage this week.

This came out yesterday and I'm itching to own it. I'm remembering when I met Ina a few years ago at a book signing in Boston - that was such a fun day!

The dark-eyed juncos arrived last week - on October 19th to be exact. :) These little snowbirds disappear every spring (heading north for the warmer months) and then pop up again in mid-fall. This almost always corresponds with the time when the chipmunks go underground.

Do your kids read Ranger Rick? It will be a sad day in this household when my children are no longer interested in this lovely magazine. (I may have to keep subscribing just for myself, lol!) Guess who on this month's cover?


We also like Your Big Backyard. Earlybird and I get a lot of use out of these wonderful publications.

What are your Halloween plans? We have a potluck supper/costume party to attend and then of course there will be tricks-or-treats on Sunday night. In between we'll be carving pumpkins, roasting seeds, baking donuts and making up a batch of this. Costumes this year include a gladiator (Bookworm), a purple phantom (Crackerjack), and good ol' Charlie Brown (Earlybird). :)

Looking forward to the start of November, trying to decide what kind of Grateful Tree to make this year. I want to have it set up on Monday (Nov. 1st) so I'd best get my act together! I'm also preparing a remembrance shelf for All Souls Day (Nov. 2nd). Photographs of late loved ones will be set out and surrounded by tealights and little pots of marigolds.

Thinking ahead to holiday reading, I have a request in at the library for Fletcher and the Snowflake Christmas. (I'm just putting off the inevitable - I'm sure I'll buy a copy for our Christmas collection.) I just love the Fletcher books ~ for the charming illustrations as well as the overall message. 

I plan to make a batch of vanilla sugar this weekend. It's always nice to have a well-steeped supply for the holiday baking days. Btw, as I googled a recipe for vanilla sugar, I came across this mouth-watering blog. Those pictures - oh my!

Well, that's "what's up" this Wednesday! As I finish this post it's raining hard and the leaves are falling fast. (Though it's rather mild, and I can hear a goldfinch singing through my cracked open window.) Still, a good day to stay in and stay dry ...

Hope your week's going well! :)