It's All Hallow's Eve ...
October's Nature Notes

Our "Seeds of Gratitude" Tree


After lunch yesterday, Earlybird and I scoured the backyard for a branch just right for this year's Thanksgiving tree. We finally settled on a rather large red oak branch ~ it was lying on the ground just waiting to be put to good use!

Back inside, I anchored the branch in an earthenware pitcher (filled with coins for stability and weight) and placed it at the head of our dining/work table.


Next was figuring out what symbol to use (size, shape and medium), to represent the "thanks" we'll give this November. 

I really liked the idea of using acorns instead of leaves, so I scoured online for a template. Once I found one I liked, I printed out 25 copies (an acorn a day leading up to Thanksgiving). For a bit of extra color and texture, I attached a couple of pretty silk leaves to my paper cutouts ~ and tied the whole thing together with a bit of autumnal yarn:


At supper each night this month, we'll talk about what things we were thankful for that day - the big and the small - and write them down on the back of an acorn. 

Update ~ I just took a picture of our very first acorn:


By Turkey Day our tree will be filled with many Seeds of Gratitude!

Happy November, my friends ~ I hope you have a wonderful week! :)