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A Happy New Month & More Advent Ideas

Two Advent Projects: Candles & Counting Down


Every year I like to do something different for our Advent calendar, and this year it was a package of green foam tree shapes that got my wheels turning ...

Using Earlybird's bulletin board as my base, I covered the cork with Christmas wrap and draped a length of garland around the frame. Then I tacked 25 trees to the board (numbering them with a Sharpie).


On the back of each tree is a cheery little post-it note (so much easier than making tags!) with a fun idea for the day. 


Now, because I often need to work around last minute plans (or illness, or weather, or EB's mood swings), I write my tags out the night before we turn a tree. I do however, brainstorm a master list of ideas to choose from ahead of time ~ things like taking a night drive to look at the lights, making paper snowflakes for the windows, or eating gingerbread pancakes on Earlybird's birthday. 

Now, for our Advent candles this year, I decided to go with something very simple ...


I bought wooden letters spelling out PEACE for the nature shelf, and to dress them up a bit I adhered a foam tree to the back of each letter. In front of the letters I placed four small glass votives, one for each week of the season.


There's nothing so lovely as candlelight on a dark Advent afternoon ...


For nature study this month, we're focusing on conifer trees (starting with a tree farm visit later this week) so we'll be adding various bits of evergreen to our arrangement as the season moves along. 

Well, I thank you for stopping by today and I wish you all a very happy Advent! Hope your new week is off to a good start. :)