In a galaxy far, far away ...
Monday's Domestic Bliss Moment ...

Something you don't see everyday ...


Unless you live in the Northeast U.S. in which case maybe this doesn't seem so odd, lol. You see, our roofs are buried under such a deep blanket of snow, the pressure is getting too intense. Some of our neighbors are actually getting water inside their homes from all this snow cover!

So it started with the guy on the corner - we noticed him working up on his roof around lunchtime. And then the man next door started in ... and then the guy across the street ... and finally Bill caved to peer pressure and headed up to rid our roof of some of is accumulated weight.

Because, here's the thing. We have over two feet of snow on the ground right now. And according to the latest forecast, we are expecting 2-5 inches tomorrow (which, pfffttt ... that's small potatoes) but there's another - drumroll please - 14-20 inches coming on Wednesday!

(Suffice it to say, whatever the Groundhog says this year, I'm taking it with a grain of salt. I think our die's been cast.)

After Bill spent an hour or so shoveling the roof - having buried his ladder in the process -he got down the "creative" way:



Then he told me to send the boys out to join him in some roof jumping ...

I said no.

Cabin Fever has officially set in. 

Well, Happy Monday everyone ... I hope you're expecting better weather than we are around here! My computer's being tricky this morning so fingers crossed I'll be back later today with another post. I have lots to talk about this week!