Something you don't see everyday ...
Happy February!

Monday's Domestic Bliss Moment ...


Maple-Apple Tartlets

 My friend Kim told me about this recipe last week, and I've been itching to try it ever since! Bill loves apple desserts, and since I'm not much of a pie maker (I'm too impatient to do pie pastry justice) I usually end up making a crisp, that old family standby. But these little tartlets were so easy to assemble and they just look so pretty ...


 ... don't they? :)

And they're relatively healthy as sweets go. Frozen puff pastry, green apple slices, cinnamon, maple syrup - a touch of butter and sugar and that's it!

And oh my goodness, the way they made my house smell! The boys came out of the woodwork wondering just *what* Mum was up to, lol. Such a lovely treat to serve at the end of a winter's meal - or maybe with tea if you're having friends over. We'll have them tonight after supper; I'll warm them briefly in the oven before serving. I'll probably eat half a tartlet and save the rest to have with my morning coffee. I'm not all that big on sweets myself, as much as I enjoy making them!

Speaking of supper, in my house tonight it's (whole wheat) spaghetti and (chicken) meatballs - served with a tossed green salad and the tartlets to finish ...

Well, I hope you all had a nice Monday! As you can see from the picture above, it was quite a sunny day here. Cold (natch), but clear and bright just the same - though it's the last we'll see of the sun for several days I'm afraid. We're preparing as best we can for the coming storm - Bill finally broke down and ordered an electric snow thrower. Unfortunately, according to Amazon, it's due to arrive Friday ... two days after the storm.

In happier news, we're on the cusp of February tonight - one step closer to spring! - and this is a busy week as far as feasts and events go. We have St. Brigid's Day tomorrow (patroness of Ireland and dairy farmers) and Candlemas on Wednesday (as well as Groundhog's Day) and then Thursday is the Chinese New Year. The weekend brings the Superbowl, the parish pancake breakfast as well as the annual "Focus on the Feeders" project. Depending on the snow, we also hope to squeeze in the boys' Book Group, an evening of laser tag (for them, not me, lol) and *fingers crossed* my haircut appointment.

But like I said, we'll see what the storm brings ... and how long it will take to dig ourselves out. Our "out-of-house" plans are all tentative these days!

Well, have a great last night of January, my friends. Thank you so much for stopping by. Stay warm and well and I will see you all again sometime soon ...