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My Pretty Purple Bag


So of course you knew I was going to show you what I got at The Paper Store this morning. ;)

This is one of my favorite places to shop - it's like a candy store for women! If I'm shopping for a mom or an aunt or a sister or a friend, I know to come here and I'll easily find a perfect gift. In addition to the gift card from my parents, I also happened to have a birthday coupon the store sent me *and* some Hallmark reward points to cash in. Needless to say I was well armed and ready to shop!

And what a fun time I had perusing all the goodies on display, deciding what to buy for myself! Well, as I've mentioned before, I have quite a weakness for bags ...


And I kind of have this thing for purple lately, too ...

It was the lovely color that caught my eye first, but the embroidery really drew me in. It's a very generously sized tote - with a pocket on the inside as well as the outside. It easily fits all my "stuff" ... the items I lug around with me, to work on when I have a spare minute or five: my journal, clipboard, planner/binder, current book and some magazines and catalogs too.

As you might guess, I'm very happy with my new "birthday" bag. :)

After I got home from my shopping, Bill and Earlybird ran out to pick up some pizza for lunch. We're hosting a "Greek Mythology Night" later this week for our monthly homeschool activity night, and we found a local pizza place that specializes in Greek foods. This was a "trial run" of sorts. I've been staying away from pizza lately, but I tried a little spinach pie that was absolutely delicious. We're definitely getting some of that for our gathering!

Well, I hope you've all had a nice Monday. As I finish up this post, I'm smelling the soup cooking away in the kitchen - it smells SO good! No homemade bread for us tonight, though - we waited too long to start the machine. Pilsbury crescent rolls will just have to do. ;)

Have a great night, my friends ... thanks for stopping by! I'll see you all again very soon ...