Fire in the Sky

Sunday Stuff

First, and most importantly, GO PATS!!

Ok, now that I've gotten that off my chest (*wink*), here are a few pictures from my sunny, snowy Sunday. Just a hodgepodge of things from my day, today. :)

When we got back from church, Earlybird alerted us to something "funny" going on on the deck. At first glance, nothing seemed amiss - the snow was piled high, the morning sun was casting shadows across the wide expanse of white ...

And then we saw a little fluffy gray puff in the middle of the snow ...


... and then a bit more ...




The squirrel had dug himself a very deep burrow - getting down to the seed thrown out a week ago or more. He'd dive down and practically disappear, then pop back up again (covered in snow - he was quite a sight) to nibble on his treasure.


Such a clever fella. ;)

Later on, around lunchtime, I arranged some bright orange carnations in a quickly embellished jam jar:


(I just glued an ecru lace flower to the front of the jar.)

Did you know that the carnation is the official flower for January, and National Carnation Day falls on the 29th of this month? It would be fun to do this carnation experiment (more details here) during the last week of January. Start it on the Monday (maybe give each child a separate flower and cup with his own shade of dye) and by Saturday (the 29th) your flowers should be deeply tinted. If your children keep nature notebooks, they could draw sketches (or take photos) and keep notes on the project.

Carnations are my favorite cut flower ~ I especially love their sweet spicy scent ~ and by the way, carnations mean fascination, love and good luck. Not bad for such a humble little flower!

After the flower arranging (that sounds so Victorian, doesn't it?) I sat down for a delicious cup of decaffeinated vanilla tea (my new absolute favorite) and some not-quite-so-delicious yogurt:


Lol, I've never had Icelandic style yogurt before, but the orange & ginger flavor sounded so intriguing I forewent my usual Stonyfield and bought a few cups of this. It was not as sweet as I like, and the texture was much thicker than I was used to ... still, with some honey stirred in and a bit of whipping, it made a nice snack in the end.

By the way, I purchase Harney & Sons teas at the Barnes & Noble cafe, though you can find them online too. I really want to try this Valentine's blend next month - made with chocolate and rosebuds!

And just look how our amaryllis is doing:


We started the bulb last month, and to be honest I had no idea if anything would come of it. I was pretty sure I planted it all wrong ~ in an ill-fitting container, with barely enough soil. But the plant thrived in our front (south-facing) window, and just today we were rewarded with this bold bloom:


And lastly, while Bill was cleaning out the linen closet today he found this:


I haven't seen this figurine in years ~ it used to be on the bathroom vanity, but as our children moved into their (active and curious) toddler years, it proved to be too much of a temptation. It must have somehow been placed in the closet and promptly forgotten ... but isn't it lovely? It was a gift from my mum at my first baby shower (for Bookworm), oh so many years ago. I think it's safe to move back out now. :)

(As for what possessed my husband to take on such a project today I have no idea, but when voluntary cleaning's involved, I ask no questions).

Before I go, here's a glimpse of just how icy it is here:


This is the birdfeeder that hangs outside one of the family room windows. It faces west so it doesn't get a lot of sunlight through the day. Needless to say, the ice has been well preserved!

So there are a few snapshots from my day. It's been a cold and bright Sunday ... a good day for puttering inside. My "puttering" included arranging the flowers and decorating the "vase," clipping Sunday coupons, and baking an artichoke dip for Bill to take to my folks' (where he and Bookworm will be watching the big game). I also put the final touches on my brand new "home+faith+seasons" binder and added a few new hanging folders to the file crate. (I've already started posts on both those projects, so look for details sometime this week.)

Well, I hope you all are having a lovely long weekend. If you're not a New York fan, please say a prayer for my beloved Pats ~ that they play their best and have a great game!

And if you are a New York fan, well ...

"May the best team win!" ;)

See you all again very soon ...