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Thoughtful Thursday

On my mind today:


From my page-a-day calendar:

"The thing that is so disconcerting about cleaning is that it just never gets done. As soon as we do it, we can start all over again."

This is true, and rather defeating, but I like the inspiring message just below:

"Each month this year, we will look at new options for approaching cleaning that may give us a new perspective. To fight cleaning takes a lot of energy. Perhaps everyone can be happier."

So this is what I'm mulling over this morning: how can I make housekeeping easier - on both the body and the mind? In both practice and perspective?

With the level of activity in our household, and the amount of time (as home learners) we spend at home - using dishes, creating clutter, trodding on floors - daily upkeep is a necessity. In short, cleaning is a big part of my day. 

Generally speaking, I'm pretty matter-of-fact about it. It has to be done, and it's part of what I do as a wife and a mom (I work at home, not outside of it). I enlist help where I can (growing children are more able every year). I try to follow routines that streamline my time spent on cleaning. And I'm also trying to pare down our stuff. Less stuff to clean means less time spent cleaning.

And keeping a good attitude about cleaning - about any task I take on - sets a good example for my children. I'm taking care of my responsibilities - and while I might not be whistling while I work - I'm at least getting it done without fuss and frustration.

At least on most days.

(It's easy to say all this, it's not always easy to live it!)

So I'm looking forward to reading these monthly "options" my calendar speaks of. It should be quite interesting ... in fact, I think I might skip some pages and read ahead. ;)

 How do you, dear readers, keep a good attitude about cleaning? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Do you have a book to recommend? A philosophy you follow?

Until next time - have a good Thursday, and thanks for stopping by! Don't forget it's National Chocolate Cake Day ...I just might be back with a food post later on.