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A Wednesday Workaday Post


I worked in my planner/binder and my file crate today and since it was bright and sunny I took a few pictures. :)

I'm feeling a little giddy about my new planner these days. It's really working well for me and it's starting to feel comfortable and familiar. Like I said in an earlier post, I did give up on the daily index cards but other than that, it's all making sense. I like having the weekly section open on my work counter, and the month @ a glance calendar doesn't feel too hidden in the front portion of the binder. 

One thing I did do was to take the things I kept on my clipboard - my "action" items if you will - and add them to the inside of the front binder cover. I simply clipped the sheets (emails and whatnot) along with my master to-do-list onto the inside cover with a large binder clip as seen above.


It's one less item to have to keep handy - and though I do love a clipboard, I kept forgetting where I put it or I'd forget to look at it and some important deadlines would pass me by. As you can see in the picture above, these "to-do's" are quite visible with my planner open on the counter. And in sight = in mind ... in theory anyway, lol!

(As a quick aside ~ these "action items" are things I need to do something about in a timely fashion. Things like classes or field trips to sign up for, forms to fill out and return, an email to respond to - things like that.)

So then, it being just about mid-February, I decided to make up some planning pages for March and April (like the ones I made up for January and February as described in this post). I would like to do a craft store run this weekend (weekly coupons in hand!) and pick up some things for March events and Lenten activities.


The underside of the paper shown above holds brainstorming notes for the "early spring" season. Then there's a breakdown of March and April events (shown directly above) and next a planning page for celebrating the bigger events (i.e. Ash Wednesday, St. Patrick's Day, the Spring Equinox, etc.). The season of Lent already has its own (purple!) planning page - I started it last month. Easter Sunday itself has its own separate planning page as well.

Now, I'm sure you all know about this thing (especially avid binder-users), but I figured I'd show it anyway ...


This is my trusty three-hole punch "thingamabob" that makes it so easy to add things to my binder in a flash. I've had this for years ... and I still store it up on the very top of my very tall learning room bookcase. I'm paranoid about little fingers getting pinched in this thing - it's quite powerful!

And this is my weekly planning page for next week (yet to be filled out).


Eventually I would like to design and print sheets already marked with the planning sections for which I now use post it notes. I'm giving myself a month or two to fine tune just how I plan the week before I commit to a final page design.

Right now I use the apple post-it as a place to write what is "of note" this week (events, holidays, etc.) and I place it in such a way that it sticks out over the edge of the page, marking the week at hand (for when the planner is closed).

I use the other post-it notes for listing:

1. the week's dinners  

2. to-do's pertinent to this week

3. Earlybird's life & learning goals

4. shopping needs/errands

In other words, the things I need to plan in a given week.

Oh, and one last thing ...


I added some wide hanging file folders to the back of my file crate. I've been meaning to do this forever!

I have them assigned to ...

* The boys' medical information and school contact information (approval letters etc.)

* Recipe clippings (eventually to be purged, with keepers filed in a recipe binder)

* General education information (driver's ed, college info, etc.)

* Places to go and visit (local daytrips, nature walks, etc.)

* Disney vacation info.

*EB's special needs information and files.


So it all felt very productive. And it was ... it was a good day. It was so bright and sunny - it felt so good to see the house filled with light. I hope you all had a nice Wednesday as well. How is your own current planner working for you? Are you happy with it? And if you use it, how about the file crate? Is it still relevant in your household management? 

Well, have a good night, my friends, and thanks so much for stopping by!

I'll see you all again very soon ...