Best-Ever Belated Birthday Gift!
Wednesday in the Kitchen ...

Well, Earlybird did great!

Thank you all, for your prayers for EB! He had his doctor's appointment this morning and it went really well ...

Just look at his proud smile!


No shots and no bloodwork - thank goodness for that!

Now, for some reason he really wanted us to take a picture of Peep (one of his favorite television shows right now). Not sure why, but it was his day and his call, lol:


What would we ever do without PBS? We're watching Wild Kratts right now - another favorite around here.

OK, scratch that - I'm watching Wild Kratts right now. Everyone else is watching a "Disney Vacation Planner Video" with Daddy in the living room. 

So, have I dropped enough hints, lol? We are indeed going to Disney this year! This is our first time to Disney (with the kids) and our first family vacation in forever

Check out the new section I set up in my planner:




And since I took my first red squirrel pictures with my new camera today, I couldn't resist ...



Isn't he so cute? But I wonder what happened to the poor little guy's tail?

Well, there's the Tuesday roundup ... I hope your week's off to a good start! By the way, tomorrow is National Banana Bread Day ... and happily I happen to have a bunch of nearly overripe bananas in  the fruit dish. Now whatever could that mean? ;)

Have a good night, my friends ... see you again very soon!