Monday's Domestic Bliss Moment ...
Butter for Brigid

Happy February!


Rabbit, rabbit everyone!

Ok, so February can be a tough month to love. It's cold and snowy. Or it's cold and icy. Or it's cold and sleety. With a side helping of slush.

But there are nice things to say about this month, too ...

When I think of February, I think of snow, greenhouse flowers, bakeries, cherries, hearts, Chinese dragons ... seed catalogs, ice skating, snowmen and chocolate.

Those are all some pretty nice things!

Plus it's a short month - only four weeks to go, and we jump right into March, the first month of Spring ... 

Our February learning themes will be: "Families," "Florida," "The Middle Ages," and "Measurements." And as you can see, I've been putting a "seasonal spin" on the learning room decor. (I've also added some new sidebars here at the blog, and I may change the floral banner. I'm thinking of primroses or violets ...)

So here's ...

February @ a Glance:

St. Brigid's Day

Candlemas/Groundhog's Day

Chinese New Year

Focus on the Feeders

The Superbowl

Lincoln's Birthday

St. Valentine's Day

Full Snow Moon

The Great Backyard Bird Count

President's Day

Washington's Birthday


February is ...

National Heart Month

National Birdfeeding Month

Devoted to The Holy Family


Well, I'm enjoying my coffee this morning (with a bit of that tartlet) and watching the feeder frenzy outside my window. I think the critters know we're expecting quite a storm between today and tomorrow. Before the snow picks up, we'll fill the feeders as best we can. Bill is working from home the next few days, which is a great convenience and a huge relief. 

Later today we'll have an "Irish" snack in honor of St. Brigid, and I'm making a shepherd(ess) pie for our supper. Tomorrow brings us Candlemas and the annual Groundhog report (which I plan to take with a grain of salt, lol). I've got a candle craft in mind, and it will be a good day to kick off our light/shadow/color study.

Well, I hope your February starts out on a good foot - just watch where you're stepping, it's bound to be slippery out there!

Have a great Tuesday, everyone ... see you again very soon!