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Gray Days

Now, I am not complaining ... I am definitely not. I can't be anything but glad that we are finally having a reprieve from the brutal weather pattern of late. Not only is it dry today (save for some melting), but the temperature hovered right around 40 degrees. FORTY degrees, my friends! I only wore my winter vest over a sweatshirt jacket today - and no gloves!

And yet, it was one of those gray February days ... you know what I mean about the late winter landscape? The snow is no longer pretty, it's just dirty and gray. The skies are gray, the ground is gray - it's all just GRAY! 

This post came to me on our way home from the library this afternoon, when I swung into the grocery store to pick up a few things. I was already musing over the very dull grayness of the day when, as we entered the parking lot, THIS caught our attention ...




That's pretty ugly, isn't it, lol?

February may not be the prettiest of months, but it IS at least the shortest. And it does have all those good things I mentioned in this post ... but a day like today makes me think of this poem:

When Skies are Low and Days are Dark by N.M. Bodecker

When skies are low
and days are dark,
and frost bites 
like a hungry shark,
when mufflers muffle
ear and nose,
and puffy sparrows
huddle close -
how nice to know
that February
is something purely

As I finish up this post, Earlybird just plucked one of his library books off the nature shelf. It's called, ironically enough, Colors. See, there was a method to my madness when I chose "Light and Color" as our nature theme for February! It's always lovely to find a little light, a bit of color, in our day, but especially in the midst of all this gray!

(Quick note - as I searched Amazon for the link for the book above, I stumbled across this little gem:


I promptly cross-checked with my library system and sure enough, my local branch has a copy. What a nice way to spend another gray February day - running to the library to pick up a book all about the COLORs of the year!)

Oh, and one final happy note, our snow thrower finally made it out of New Jersey!

UPS delivered it today ... 


This was taken moments ago ... worked like a charm!

*knock on wood*

The forecast for tomorrow is light snow throughout the day, 2-3 inches or so. That's not so bad, really ... and at least things will be white again for a while! 

Have a great Monday night, everyone! See you all again sometime soon.