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A Few Thursday Q & A's ...

Happy Candlemas!


Earlybird made this neat candle craft today, and I think he did a great job!

I helped him glue a bit of felt to the bottom of a simple candleholder, and then he decorated a plain white pillar candle with some colorful stickers. I brushed the stickers lightly with decoupage glue because the edges were curling a bit. (And then set the candle out of reach until it dried thoroughly.) This whole project took ten minutes, tops.

Now, while I'm here, I'd like to share a quick story from yesterday:


Ok ... so, you know those moments when you find yourselves laughing so hard and so long ... you just know it will be one of those family stories you retell through the years?

Well, this wasn't quite that hilarious, but it was still pretty funny!

With the storm upon us, the feeders were in desperate need of filling - you know how I worry about my little critters - so Bookworm set about figuring out a way to get out to them. He usually goes out the deck and around back, but the deck - if you remember - is now piled high with the snow from the roof.

(I momentarily considered having Bookworm climb out the learning room windows - it's not too far a drop - but then I wondered how he'd get back in.)

So we figured the best thing for him to do was to go out the front door and around to the side gate (which was/is mostly buried under snow). He'd have to climb over it, but he assured us it's nothing he hasn't done before, retrieving balls and such from neighbors' yards.

So that part of the equation made sense, the problem was getting Bookworm TO the gate in the first place!

Oh my goodness, I know this just isn't sounding as funny as it was, but let me assure you - when I took this picture the three of us were in absolute hysterics. Bill, as you can see, had gone out to help - Bookworm's legs were stuck thigh-deep and he could barely move. (Mind you, this is all taking place about three feet from our front doorway.) Bill thought they could use a sled to pack down a path for BW to use, but that plan quickly got set aside - and Bill himself got stuck in the snow!

Oh my gosh, how we laughed - like catch-your-breath, belly laughs - and all I could think was what a fun memory this will be for my teenage son. To be sharing such a laugh with his parents - his kind-of crazy parents who go to such lengths to do things like this. (Send our eldest child out in a blizzard to fill the feeders lest the little birds and squirrels go hungry and die.)

So as you can probably guess, the whole plan went to pot and we all came back inside. I ended up throwing buckets of seed out the aforementioned windows. Today the red and gray squirrels are making short work of that (now buried) seed while the birds are making do with the feeders hanging from the windows.

You know, I feel blessed in many ways, but I thank God everyday I have such a patient husband and sons who humor me *and* are so good-humored themselves. 


Well, I've kept all your ears long enough, so I'll wrap up for now. I hope you all had a good day, and I hope to see you all here again very soon.