Happy Valentine's Day!
Just right for a cold winter's day ...

Sweet Things

Yesterday I spent some time with my mum, going through my late grandmother's things. (My grandmother, or "Damee" as the boys called her, passed away a little over a year ago.) I brought home several small items that meant something to me.

Among these treasures were her many lovely handkerchiefs (the monogrammed linens actually belonged to my late grandpa) ...


They're soft as butter and wonderfully preserved. You can tell she made - and cared for - these with love.

And I thought this sweater chain was just so sweet ...


It needs some cleaning, but I will wear it proudly with my cardigans.

And this has nothing to do with family heirlooms, but I wanted to show you the chocolate-chip cookie cake I made for tonight's Valentine's supper ...


And speaking of ...

~* Valentine's Night Supper *~

grilled sesame-ginger steak tips

brown rice pilaf

stir-fried asparagus

(ham rolls & cheese quesadillas for the picky eaters)

Valentine "cocktails"

(the aforementioned) chocolate-chip cookie cake

(Our Valentine cocktails will basically be a mix of leftover brunch punch ingredients. Crackerjack used Welch's "Strawberry Breeze" Juice Cocktail, Sprite and a bit of raspberry sherbert.)

Bill has a monster work schedule the rest of the week, so this will be the one big hurrah, lol. After tonight, the remaining week's dinner menus are as simple and easy as possible. I knew this was coming so I made sure to plan (and buy) for long-day dinners.

Well, thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you all had a lovely Saint Valentine's Day! See you all again sometime soon ...