Butter for Brigid
Happy Candlemas!

Question of the Day:

What say you, Phil?

Check the link at 7:25 a.m. for the answer to the annual query:

Will we have an early spring?

Or six more weeks of winter?

Please take pity on us, Phil ~ we truly NEED an early spring this year!


(This isn't Phil - he's a groundhog or, woodchuck as we call them - that visited our yard a few springs ago. Isn't it nice to see all that clover?)

7:30 a.m. ETA ~ Phil did NOT see his shadow, so this means we'll have an EARLY SPRING!

Looking outside my window this morning, at the snow falling steadily - pretty as it is - I would love to believe this prediction will come true. An early spring would be a most welcome reprieve after the grueling winter conditions we've been having.

Case in point - we're expecting several more inches of heavy snow today before it turns to sleet and ice. Fingers crossed, prayers said, we don't lose power or trees!

Have a great Wednesday, everyone - keep safe and warm!