Happy Birthday Little Blog!
Thoughtful Thursday ~ Rachel Carson

"Well if it's a birthday, then there must be ...


... CAKE!"

So decreed Crackerjack once I told him it was my "blog" birthday. And so (twist-my-arm), I baked a cake for my blog yesterday afternoon. ;)

Pressed for time, I used a simple snack cake mix from Trader Joe's. And whipped up some plain old (but plain good) buttercream frosting for the top ... But what of the decorations, CJ asked? Well, I'd run out of the EB-friendly, natural food dye so any "sunny" color was out. Instead I used almonds to shape a "sun," yellow candles to represent "candlelight" and added some little leaf cookies just because they looked pretty ...

After supper we lit it up - though as usual, per EB's demands instructions, there was NO singing ... 


Pretty, yes? It tasted good, too!

Before I go, I want to thank you all - SO, so much - for all your sweet blog-birthday wishes! I am honored and humbled by your very kind words and encouragement - and it means the world to me to think my blog has meant something to you.


Have a lovely Wednesday, my friends. I hope to see you all again very soon ...