Two Easy Early March Crafts ...
To celebrate Dr. Seuss Day ...

Daffodil Cake for St. David's Day!

*Which was yesterday, but I didn't get a chance to post this last night ...




It's kind of a miracle this cake got made at all - I was all thumbs in the kitchen yesterday! I had quite a time trying to separate the six eggs the recipe calls for and I found myself second guessing a few of the instructions - namely, the cooking time as well as the call for not greasing the tube pan. (As it turned out, I covered the top of the cake with foil so it wouldn't over-brown and halted the cooking at 45 minutes. And I had a real time of it digging the cake out of the pan, but as you can see it did come out all right in the end.)

Happily, the cake was light, moist and delicious (the lemon glaze really made it). A really lovely spring dessert!

Today is Dr. Seuss Day, so I have a "green eggs and ham" lunch planned for the kids. More on that later!

Have a great Wednesday, my friends!