Daffodil Cake for St. David's Day!
Thoughtful Thursday ...

To celebrate Dr. Seuss Day ...

Green eggs and ham!



I love so many of the Dr. Seuss books, but my all-time favorite will always be Green Eggs and Ham. It was the first book I ever read on my own! I was four years old, and my Great Uncle Harold would come almost everyday to have lunch with my mum, brother and me. He would spend time sitting at the kitchen table, visiting with us and reading books aloud and eventually I started reading on my own. He was so proud!

Years and years later, GE&H was a book I read (over and over) to my little Bookworm, and eventually he read it first too!

So for today, I decided to make "green eggs and ham," but I didn't want to make anything that called for green food coloring. So instead I baked a quiche ...


... which included the green(s), the eggs, and the ham! ;)

The - very easy - recipe can be found hereBill doesn't care for eggs, so I made the quiche for lunch, just for the boys and me. And it was delicious! One wedge was plenty filling - and a little tossed salad on the side balanced things out nicely.

So what will I do with this recipe? Well, I will make a copy to place in my regular recipes file (because this is something I will definitely make again) AND I will leave a copy in this week's file folder so next year I could make this again on Dr. Seuss Day. (I also made a note on my Easter plans that this quiche would be lovely served at our Palm Sunday brunch.)

You know, I get asked quite often where I "find" all these random, little known holidays - and basically I use a couple of books as well as the internet. A few favorites:

Literature for Lively Lessons

China Bayle's Book of Days

On this Date

(I don't own that last title, but it looks really neat!)

And for looking online, if you google, "March holidays" or "food holidays" or something along those lines, you'll find so many sites! And don't forget to write everything in your calendar! Because I had "Dr. Seuss Day" in my month @ a glance calendar (on the 3/2 block, pencilled in lightly at the top) ... I remembered to - first, make a plan/find a recipe - and second, pick up the ingredients for the quiche while shopping on Saturday.

Well, I hope you all had a nice Wednesday, and thank you very much for stopping by ...

Have a good night ~ I'll see you all again very soon!