A Few Happy Things ...
Daffodil Cake for St. David's Day!

Two Easy Early March Crafts ...

"The March wind roars like a lion in the sky ..."

Happy March, everyone! I thought you might like a peek at Earlybird's morning craft-and-nature lesson - our focus today, the March wind!

I found the first craft, a paper plate lion, online here. I assembled our materials at the worktable early this morning:


Plain paper plate, yellow construction paper circle (cut to fit the middle of the plate), brown paper nose, googly eyes, glue stick, orange paint (we didn't have brown as the instructions suggested), paintbrush, and scissors.

My hardworking Earlybird set in to paint the edges of the plate orange.


(I ended up giving him free rein to paint the whole plate orange, lol.)

Then he glued the eyes and nose onto the yellow paper circle.



Next he drew the lion's mouth and whisker spots.


He did a great job keeping everything neat and centered! 


I then set the plate in an open window to dry. (We felt for the wind - and there is a light one this morning! Not quite a lion, but it's making its point.)

Once the plate was dry, EB cut the edges of the plate to look like fringe ...


... or the lion's "mane."

Then I hung it up on our March bulletin board!


Next we worked on a cloud craft - something I just came up with on the spot. (That's not to say it hasn't been done before, just that I "winged" it with this one, lol.)

I used another paper plate and gathered some cotton balls, tissue, spreadable glue, brush, and scissors.


I also lightly pencilled in the cloud's "fierce" face, making an "x" where the mouth would go:


EB drew over the pencil with marker, and then started gluing the cotton balls around the edge of the "face."


He alternated between spreading the glue on with a brush and dipping the cotton directly into the glue then pressing it onto the plate.

Once he was done with the cotton, I punched the mouth "x" with scissors and we threaded a piece of tissue through the hole.


Pulling it backwards through the plate, it made a "gust" of wind coming out of the front.


So easy and fun! 


Both projects look great on our March bulletin board!

Well, thanks as always for stopping by! I hope your new month is off to a great start ... speaking of, did you remember to say "Rabbit, rabbit" this morning? ;)

See you again very soon!