Happy Memorial Day!
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My Most-Viewed View

(My take on this week's Snapshots around the World theme.)


I see all kinds of things from this spot ... the woods, the sunrise (through the woods), the deck with the herb planters, hummingbird feeders and grill. I can also see into the yard where the boys play. I spend a lot of time here through the day - cleaning things, washing hands, preparing things to cook. I do a lot of thinking here too. I like this spot a lot. :)

My kitchen is on the back of our house, facing north, and unfortunately this room does not get much light. There is a very brief time however, on a clear morning, when the rays of the rising sun hit the kitchen window. These are the brightest moments in my kitchen all day. It's a nice time for it, too - the house is still pretty quiet, and the kitchen is relatively clean. I'm still sipping my coffee and getting my focus on the day ahead.

So here in my corner of the world (Massachusetts, USA), this is my kitchen windowsill/view. Pop over to the SatW blog to see their (beautiful) entries and others from all around the globe.

Such fun! I'm in the mood for kitchen posts now! :)

Thanks for stopping by today ... I hope your Tuesday's a good one!