The house seems so empty.
Happy Memorial Day!

Well, this has been quite a week ...

Firstly, thank you all, so much, for your heartfelt sympathy about Smokey. I can't tell you how comforting your condolences have been to us.

As many of you suggested, we're focusing on how long and happy his life was. Someday, when we're ready, we'll get another cat (most likely two), but for now we'll work on adjusting to life without pets. It's a very odd feeling for animal lovers like us. I'd like to think there's a special place in Heaven for beloved pets ~ because Goodness knows they are such a big part of family life and family love


Now, I had another stressful situation happen this morning. A situation that pales in comparison to losing Smokey - more of an inconvenience really - but it left me with a horrible feeling inside: I had my pocketbook stolen while grocery shopping!

I still can't believe it - it happened so fast, just a rapidly unfolding mess. I was at my regular supermarket, where I do my shopping every Saturday morning ... I had been about halfway through the store when I found myself in the cookie aisle pondering, of all things, Teddy Grahams. I couldn't remember if they were on the Feingold diet or not, so I took my phone out of my purse and called home. For about a minute or so, I spoke with Bookworm who looked up the information I needed re ~ the cookies. (Fyi, they're Feingold-friendly.) I was literally standing right next to my cart, though I was turned away. I had my pocketbook propped up in the child seat - with my shopping notebook and coupon pouch sitting atop it. After I ended the call, I turned back to my cart and immediately noticed my bag was gone. For a second I looked around me as if I had left it somewhere else but within moments I realized it had been taken.

Ugh, what an awful feeling.

Well, I flew to customer service, nabbing a manager's attention along the away. This set off a flurry of activity. They immediately checked the parking lot and the store itself, the trash cans, etc. Nothing. My pocketbook was gone, and so was the (shameless) person who did it.

Oh my gosh, I just never pictured this happening to me ... I'm usually so careful with my personal effects! And I'm hardly ever on my cell phone. I really only use it for quick questions - to my mind, they are expensive distractions - but in this case, it was distraction just long enough. In under two minutes I'd been robbed.

So I called home to Bill of course, who sent my parents to fetch me (yes, the car keys were in my purse). Meanwhile he called the credit card companies, and I filed a police report. I also mentally recalled what I'd had in my bag:

> credit cards, bank cards, checkbook <

> (thankfully) no cash <

> driver's license, health cards, library card, various store rewards cards <

> keys to Bill's Prius and the house <

> my shopping notebook (with various household notes) and coupon collection <

> a prescription I'd picked up just that morning <

Luckily I had my phone in my hand ... though that's some iffy luck considering my phone got me in trouble in the first place!

So now it's several hours later ~ we've canceled all the cards, and put a "stop payment" on the checks. I got another prescription (the pharmacists were so kind and made the refill fast, no charge). We've had the Prius towed to the dealer (that was the only key we had) and started the reprogramming process. And most importantly, Bill installed a brand new lock on our front door.

As much as possible (on a long holiday weekend) things are taken care of - but I just feel so sick about this. I feel naive - and dumb, really - that I let this happen. I feel angry that someone would do this to me - to anyone. The nerve! The absolute brazen gall! I wish once they'd seen there was no cash they just dumped my bag somewhere, but it hasn't turned up yet and I doubt it will. (It was my LL Bean "starfish" tote, my favorite summer pocketbook.)

But again, like my dad very wisely reminded me as he and my mum drove me home - this was all just an inconvenience. And in light of the harrowing, horrible experiences people have had lately - that people have every day - this was small potatoes. I wasn't harmed. We took care of our accounts and next week I'll replace what I can, and make more calls to assure the safety of our credit.

So it's true - it was a hassle. It was off-putting, and maddening, really. But in the end, it was just a blip in the big picture.

Maybe that person was desperate - I doubt they have the kind of blessings and comforts I have in my life. I bet they don't have the kind of support and love I have in my life. I'd even say they aren't very happy and, who knows, they might not even have their health. There's no telling what drives people to do these things. I mean, I know it's easy to say it's all about greed, but whatever the reason, this person felt they had to do this. I feel sorry for them, really. 

(I'd like to kick them in the shins, but I do feel sorry for them.)

Well, friends, thanks for letting me vent - and thank you again again for your sympathy and all your support. I hope you all have a lovely, long, holiday weekend ...

Stay safe, be well, and appreciate all you have. So many people have so much less.

I'll see you again sometime soon.