Friday Photos
Weed? Wildflower?

Our Pentecost Balloon

A quick and easy craft I made yesterday with Earlybird:


We glued a white dove cut-out (with flaming tail) to a red balloon, and added a few red streamers for flourish ...


Then we tied it to our deck where it bobbed and bounced in the breeze!

This morning it's cool and drizzly so we took the balloon back inside. Bill is making pancakes which we'll have with leftover raspberry sauce, diced strawberries and whipped cream - yum! Tomorrow promises to be just as rainy, so instead of cooking out, we'll "cook in" with our Foreman grill. We like to grill turkey burgers and serve them with cheese, assorted toppings and toasted buns. To round out our Sunday supper, we'll have warm dill potatoes and a nice fruit salad on the side ... and for dessert, something light and white.

Have a great day, my friends. See you here again very soon!