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Happy Wednesday, my friends! It's bright and beautiful here this morning ~ I hope your day's off to a great start!

This morning I have question and a suggestion from Heather ...

My question: Do you know where can I find those 2 page-spread, month-at-a-glance calendars for Aug or Sept 2011 on? I have only seen them for Jan 2012 on. If you or anyone could help me on that I would be so grateful. I am slowly trying to get all the things I need for this system ... OK now my suggestion: For daily reminders, have you ever considered using one of those small dry erase boards that you can stick onto the front of your fridge? I think those are awesome. Hope that may help.

Heather, thank you so much for this wonderful comment! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond - most likely you've already found what you're looking for, but in case you haven't let me answer as best I can ...

So first, in regards to your question: I've seen lots of "academic" (summer start) calendars for sale at Staples - but are you looking for something spiral-bound (self-contained) or are you in need of loose-leaf pages (i.e. a refill)? I use "Day-Timer" 2 page-spread, month-at-a-glance calendar forms in my planning binder. At Amazon I found an academic version in desk size but I can only find a January start version in the folio (binder) size. The latter is what I use. (I currently have both the 2011 and 2012 calendars stored here.)

Does anyone have suggestions for Heather? Are there places (online or otherwise) where you find a good selection of calendar products? I usually shop at Staples (which I believe is a nationwide chain) or I order through Amazon. In fact, I got my most recent supply of calendar forms here

There are also sites found online, Heather, which allow you to print off month-at-a-glance calendar forms. The one that comes to mind is Donna Young but I'm sure there are others out there. There are probably even software programs - to purchase, or already installed in your computer - that allow you to do this on your own! I'm not too tech-savvy though, so I stick with what I know - so long as it's working for me! :)

Now, as for your suggestion ... I do actually have a small dry-erase board on my fridge, but I hardly ever use it! When EB was younger he was (more than) a little fixated on getting his hands on dry-erase markers, but due to the odor and dye, I can't let him use dry-erase markers - or any type of marker really. Having the markers out only presented a temptation so I kept them hidden in a drawer ... which really cut down on how much I used the board! (Plus he always seemed to find them, lol!)

Mostly when I use the board these days, I use it to post a "honey-do" list. ;) But I do like the idea of posting your daily chores on a dry-erase board ... The only real issue for me is I'd have to re-write my tasks each day.

For example, my Wednesday chores would post like this:

Clean Kitchen:


    wipe down appliances

    wash countertops/stovetop

    scrub and soak sink

    run baking soda down disposal

Go through cabinets/fridge/freezer

Start marketing list and menu for next week

Organize trash & recycling

This is what is noted on my Wednesday daily card. I have it posted at my workstation in something like this

Now, Earlybird still can't use those (any) markers, but he is much more understanding about them these days. So I do have a magnetic marker placed just above the board - I guess I've just never gotten into the habit of using it. But I can see where it would make a great place for posting daily reminders - for yourself and your family!

Do any other readers use a dry-erase board as part of their planning? There certainly are all kinds (sizes/shapes) of boards now - and multi-colored markers, etc. I'd love to know if you use a dry-erase board in your household - and how. Drop a note below if you'd like!


Well, thanks again to Heather for her thoughtful comments! For now, I must be off and get this day rolling ... just thought I'd sneak online and post another quick Q & A while I could. So have a great day, everyone ... I will see you again very soon!

Vase-flowers ~ Dawn