It is (was) the Fourth of July!
Wordless Wednesday

Well, I can't think of trains ...

... without thinking of my EB. :)


(Oh my ... was he really once that little?)

Earlybird is a HUGE train buff (just like his Papa). He loves to read about them, talk about them, watch them on TV ... but nothing beats seeing them in REAL LIFE!

These pictures were taken a few several years ago, on a cold February "Daddy" day. (Daddy Days are those spontaneous adventures that only daddies seems able (and willing) to pull together.)

This is a local transportation museum, and obviously, EB was focused on the old steam train stationed outside.





Trains are so awesome! (As in, "super cool" and "awe-inspiring.") They're big, powerful, and carry with them so many stories, so much of America's history. But I will always see trains through the eyes of a child ... as the daughter of a model railroader, and now as the mom of a train crazy kid ...

More train pictures can be found at this week's Snapshots around the World post. Stop by and check them out!

Hope you all had a nice holiday weekend!