A brief interruption ...
Travel Journal: My Weekend in Maine

Good Morning!

Just popping in quickly this morning to say "hello," and let you all know my laptop is all fixed and I will be back to posting this week! Thanks for all the concern and caring thoughts ... it was a simple fix (a cable leading to the hard drive was crimped and needed replacing), and thankfully the work was covered by our "Apple Care" insurance.

(I must make a plug here for Apple ~ we have had nothing but excellent service from this company! Not only had our insurance expired, but it was actually meant for my previous MacBook (remember the one I spilled wine on?). The rep who helped Bill not only transferred the insurance to my new machine but he also updated our coverage to be current. All this to say ~ in the end we didn't pay a thing for the repairs! And, most importantly, I didn't lose a thing on my hard drive!)

Now, my other new "news" is I just got home from a long weekend in Maine with my college girlfriends and I have lots of nice pictures to share! We had a wonderful time and the weather was just beautiful! We walked the beach, toured a few lighthouses and shopped in Portland ... I have lots to show and tell, so I'll be back again soon for more on all that!

In the meantime, have a lovely Monday, my friends ... I'll see you again very soon!