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Using my Weekly File Folder

Good Monday morning, my friends!


I hope you all had a nice weekend! Ours was nice - the weather was bright and windy, and the foliage is just nearing its peak ~ just right for October! Unfortunately, however, both Earlybird and Bill caught Crackerjack's cold and spent much of their time in bed. My poor fellas, feeling so miserable! Thankfully, CJ is feeling much better now, and fortunately neither Bookworm nor myself have shown any symptoms other than a few sneezes. These cold germs simply must understand - I just don't have time to get sick! ;)

It's a pretty busy week ahead for us and I was thinking this weekend, as I pulled together my weekly file folder, how much it helps to take some time to get ready for a new week. Whatever you do, and however you plan, it's always a good idea to prepare yourself for a new week - at least mentally, if not also practically. My file folders help me do just that; in fact, I'm just looking over my current folder now, trying to get a handle on the next several days ...

A brief overview of my weekly file folder change-up:

When, at the end of a week, I go through my file folder (before retiring it back to the file crate), I look for items that need to move forward and decide what can be left in place. (I did this yesterday afternoon while keeping an eye on the sickies and non-sickies alike.)

Things I left in last week's folder: library request sheets (helpful when constructing end-of-year book lists), a letter from my doctor (with test results that don't need follow up), the leaf fossil instruction sheet (as reminder for next year's Fossil Day), and my in-laws' travel itinerary (for rememberance and reference).

Things I moved forward to this week's folder: a pumpkin birdfeeder craft, a recipe for wheat pizza dough, instructions for homemade finger paint, an email re a class BW will take in December (I have not had confirmation yet), a library sheet for a book we have yet to pick up, a booklist from which I will choose December's book group selection.

All these are actions I hoped to get to (or tie up) last week, but for one reason or another did not. 

I then looked over the last week's planning sheet and forwarded (or copied) notes to this week's planning sheet (i.e. those "to-do's" that didnt get done).

Designated lists on the weekly planning sheet:


(Monday through Sunday)

"Of Note"

(Special days, events, appointments, etc.)


(Things to remember, things to get done.)

"Learning & Living"

(Lesson plans/Nature notes/Family, Faith & Fun)

"Housekeeping Notes"

(Domestic bliss/Household chores)

Now, oddly enough, Archie seems to have developed a penchant for knocking my folders (etc.) onto the floor at every opportune moment ...


He somehow seems to think all this is "his."


He also seems to think he's much smaller than he actually is!

And so this morning, last week's folder went into the file crate ... this week's folder is sitting up on my work counter, and next week's will come out at week's end. (Roundabouts Thursday so I can update my Saturday errands list, if needs be.)

It's certainly not a perfect system, but I do get a certain sense of comfort in performing these little rituals each week. Having my lists set and my things all in order (Archie's antics aside) makes me feel a little bit in control - and that's always a welcome feeling considering how crazy things can get at times!

Well, I hope you all have a magnificent Monday! I must be off now to get our day started ... and start in on all those aforementioned to-do's! :)

See you all again very soon ...


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