November is upon us ...
Happy Halloween Donuts!

When the frost is on the punkin ...


(Or, snow, as the case may be.)


At the soccer field yesterday, we watched the sun fade, and the sky become dark and overcast. Huge flocks of birds flew southward overhead (clearly, they got Winter's urgent memo), and after a cold, wet afternoon, the snow moved in just about nightfall. It was pretty to watch, but when the trees started cracking and crashing in the woods, we realized this was no average snowfall! In our town, we lost power through most of the night, and in our yard, there's plenty of debris to clean up ...

SO crazy for this time of year!


On the bright side, the sun has come out, and melting is underway ... and I have a pot roast to start in the crockpot around noon - should the power stay put! And of course, there's the Patriots game later today ... Go Pats!

So for now, I'm off - just had to pop on and share our "frosty punkin" with you all. :) I hope all my readers are safe, warm and dry wherever they may be ... and I wish you all a wonderful Sunday.

See you again very soon!