Friday Felines
Leaves of Light and Grace

Catching Hawks and Changing Clocks


This is perhaps the best hawk picture I've ever taken! And I don't mean to say this is a great picture (it's not), it's just the closest and clearest shot of a hawk I've gotten in all the years I've been photographing birds!

These handsome birds are very hard to photograph because, for one thing, they're wary and quick - and for another, I'm usually torn between getting a good picture and protecting my little songbirds and squirrels! There will be me, snapping away like crazy, and in the background the boys are calling for me to just shoo him away!

This picture I took yesterday in the backyard, standing in my bare feet (and let me tell you the ground was COLD), looking up into our giant maple tree - the one that lost a few branches in last weekend's storm. This particular hawk has been stalking our feeders all week, but in this instance, he was actually eying our neighbor's feeder which is not very protected. After he got tired of my not-so-stealthy approach, he flew down into their yard which sent the sparrows chirping madly into the bushes.

So at this point I came to my senses and clapped my hands loudly, scaring the hawk off for a bit. I'm sure he'll be back and I'm sure at some point he'll catch something - some little bird will be snatched up by those fearsome talons. I know it happens of course ... but not on my watch if I can help it, lol!

Anyhoo - it's very early Sunday morning here - Earlybird got us up at 4:56 only, thanks to Daylight Savings Time, we had to push back our clocks to read, 3:56. OUCH. Bill made me coffee and then I sent him back to bed. In a little bit I must rattle the older boys' cages, and start getting ready for church. But for now, I'll enjoy another hot cup of coffee, this little bundle of orange fur beside me and this gorgeous sunrise! I must say, it is nice to have it getting light a little earlier, though I know we'll pay for it at the other end of the day. I know most people dread the dreary weather and dark afternoons of November, but for me it just means it's time to "amp up" the coziness factor at home ... with soft lights, warm blankets, a cheerful hearth, and hearty suppers. If we must return to the dark time of the year, the least we can do is embrace it. :)

Well, I'd better head off ... my "early morning" is quickly fading away, and the household is coming to life all around me. Later today I'll be working on our Thanksgiving plans, so I'll be back soon to post about all that ...

Have a lovely Sunday, my friends!