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Our Martinmas Day

Doing a little today ...

... to make tomorrow a little easier!

We're just so off this week, between sick kids, tired parents and off-track schedules. But I still want to do some fun things for the feast day tomorrow, so when I had a quiet moment this afternoon, I grabbed the materials for our Martinmas Lantern ...

... and I set out the ingredients for our traditional St. Martin's Day "horseshoe" cookies.


Having these few simple steps done ahead, really help me make things happen. When I think about how I fit in those little seasonal things we do (the nature celebrations and the faith-at-home fun), so much of it happens thanks to a little thinking - and sometimes doing - ahead.

I learned this habit from my grandmother, actually, who was, among many things, a wonderful homemaker. She was also one of the most organized people I've ever known. Every morning, once her kitchen was clean and before she got on with her day, she'd set out the materials she needed for preparing the evening meal - including a recipe card set squarely in the baking dish or mixing bowl. As a child I loved to see the counter all set up in this way  - it made me feel happy and secure. :)

I find I often do something like that myself now. Usually around lunchtime when I'm working in the kitchen - getting the boys their lunch and neatening the sink - I'll think about supper and what might make the "making" a little easier. Once my counters are clear, I'll set out the (non-perishable) ingredients and any tools I might need. I'll also hang up the recipe if I'm using one ...


(Much to Bill's chagrin, I use a piece of tape - not great for the wood, and not very fancy, but it keeps it off the counter and right at eye-level.)

I find this all helpful in the practical sense - if I'm pressed for time tomorrow, I'm that much ahead of the game - but also, psychologically. Seeing those items all ready to go give me a sense of satisfaction as well as a little nudge of encouragement.

 So "doing ahead" is a great way to get a head start on any project - whether we're baking cookies, making crafts, or just cooking supper! It's not rocket science, of course, but I think I'll thank myself tomorrow - and I'd like to think my family will too.


Have a great night, my friends ... I'll see you again very soon!