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Happy Birthday, Earlybird!

A Simple St. Lucia Day


Happy Tuesday, everyone ~ and a Happy Feast Day, too!

Now, by St. Lucia tradition, the children of the household are encouraged to wake their parents with a special breakfast on this day, but it just doesn't work that way in our family! For one thing, we had our coffee roundabouts 5 a.m. - and for another, Bill left for work shortly thereafter! So instead, I wake my boys - my older boys that is, Earlybird is quite awake by now - by filling the house with the wonderful smell of cinnamon.

One of these years I will make homemade St. Lucia rolls, but canned rolls work all right, too. Stumbling into the kitchen, with sleepy faces and rumpled hair, my boys are quite pleased to find a plate of warm, spicy buns on the counter. They know right away just what day it is. :)

In years past, I've made star hats with the boys, but this year I'll have to content myself with the three little star children perched on our nature shelf:


That's not to say we won't spend part of our day crafting - we have teacher gifts to work on today! Also, Earlybird and I will make a quick run to the library to pick up this sweet book which just arrived on the hold shelf for us.

Tonight for supper, I'm making Swedish meatballs - to serve with simple noodles, bread and salad - and I'll mull a little fruit juice for a child-friendly "glogg." And after supper, while Bill has Bookworm at Confirmation class, the younger boys and I will work on assembling the Christmas cards. They're due to arrive today (at last!) and I have everything all ready to go - labels, stamps, favorite pens, etc.

So it's just another Tuesday, but with a little "faith & fun" woven in ~ another step forward on our family Advent journey. :)

Well, my friends, I wish you all a very nice Tuesday ~ take care and take joy ~ I will see you all again very soon!