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Christmas Cookies: A Poll & A Package!

Earlybird and I had a lot of fun conducting our cranberry sauce poll last month! It was very interesting to read how different people's tastes and opinions can be. Unfortunately, between a bout with the flu and a week of Thanksgiving, we never got around to making up the proposed chart, but I think conducting the poll was, in itself, a really great experience. And we were very grateful for all the help with our survey!

So today we have another poll for you, my dear readers. This time we're wondering about cookies ... Christmas cookies to be specific!

As I mention often, my boys love to bake with me - especially Earlybird. There are great lessons to be found in baking, but what's best about it, I think, is it's just so much fun! It makes the house smell good, the results (hopefully) taste good, but in the end - whether we're keeping or sharing our goodies - baking just feels really good, too!

So we're baking cookies this week, and we've been talking about ALL the different kinds of Christmas cookies, and how people tend to have particular favorites. Sometimes it's because of how they taste, and sometimes it's because of how they make them feel ... 

Which got us to wondering:

What is your favorite kind of Christmas cookie - and why? 

If you have the time, please let us know your thoughts in the comments below ... and because we just can't have a poll without a "giveaway," I thought I'd offer up a little cookie package made up by EB and me. It will contain a few goodies, including a batch of our own "signature" Christmas cookies ~ the pretty little lemon snowballs I bake every year.

So as I've done before, once the poll closes I'll gather all the reader names ... then pull a name from the pile ... and we'll announce our "cookie package" winner on Friday morning!


For today, we'll be baking again - as well as doing about a hundred other things, lol. Bill has the day off from work and we have a Christmas "to do" list as long as my arm! Everything seems quite doable right now, at 7 in the morning, but I guess I'd best get a move on ... a quick shower and one more cup of coffee and I should be good to go! (But I bet I'll need that 4 p.m. tea break as much as ever today!)

So I hope to hear from you ... and I look forward to reading your answers! I also look forward to seeing you again here, sometime later today ...

Tea in one hand ... cookie in the other!