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Friday Felines

As you've probably noticed, Archie is the more extroverted (i.e. mischievous) of our two kitties, so he tends to be the "focus" of my cat-related posts. But that's not to say Oliver doesn't have his odd cute little quirks, too ... for instance, his obsession with the dishwasher:



Whenever I open the dishwasher door, Ollie appears by my side, all ready to dive in and check things out. He used to just sit and watch, but now he likes to get right in there and "help."


He was fascinated before - now he's downright attached!



It's hard to tell in the above picture, but what he's doing here is actually rubbing the sides of his face along the dishwasher rack. Over and over. As cat owners know, this is a sign of affection - as well as a mark of possession!


Of course, Ollie can't get into any kind of "trouble" without Archie finding a way to involve himself somehow:


Or maybe it's the sweet-talk and picture-taking. Archie simply can't stand for Ollie to be in the spotlight for long. He'll show up out of nowhere and get his little mug in the shot.

Funnily enough, both cats seems to have an affinity for my domestic duties. As seen here, Oliver has the dishwasher - and the laundry basket is another favorite haunt. Archie mostly enjoys helping with the bed-making and the shower-taking and the paper-recycling as well as the sweeping, of course.

He's content to leave the dishwasher to his brother.


But when he hears Ollie getting his fair share of attention, he quickly finds a way to look cute:


(Not hard to do when you're Archie.)


Well, thanks so much for stopping by today, my friends .. I hope you all have a fantastic Friday!

See you here again very soon ...