Monday Moments
We took Nana to Neverland!

Gingermen Marshmallow Cookies!


Happy St. Nicholas Day, my friends!

To celebrate, today we watched this, read this, and baked these!

And tonight we brought the goodies shown above to a "Yankee Swap" hosted by a dear homeschooling family. These lovely friends have been hosting this party for a few years now and it's always such a good time - for the kids as well as the adults!

All I did was take the plain gingerbread cookies we baked this morning, frost them with some homemade buttercream - and stick a "gingerbread man" marshmallow on top.

Super easy and really cute! (And very yummy as well.)

So we're back home now (late, late, late!) and it's time to get this crew off to bed. We have a big day tomorrow - more on that later - so we must get our rest! 

Have a great night, everyone ... take care, and I will see you again sometime soon!