Late Sunday Post
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A Little Downtown Discussion

Good Monday morning, my friends!

Downton abbey

So, what did you think of last night's DA?

My thoughts are in the comment box below. They're not as in-depth (i.e. wordy, lol) as usual because we're getting a late start here this morning, and CJ needs my help finishing up an art project. Lots of things tumbling around in my mind though ... interesting developments last night!

Can't wait to hear what you all thought ...


p.s. If you notice at the top of the comments section there is a "feed" you can subscribe to (in email) that will send new comments made to this post right to your inbox. (As I understand it, that is.) I just wanted to point that out in case it would make it easier for you to follow the conversation. Also, the Mr. Linky thing is still a bit of a puzzle to me so for now, if you have a post (or know of a post) about Downton, please leave me a link below and I'll tack it to the bottom of mine.


Bobbi at Revolution of Love has a wonderful post on her Downton thoughts - check it out here. She also has an interesting post on the "Catholic connection" to Downton. (Thanks for the link, Bobbi!)