Saturday Evening Post
So ... what did you think? (Spoilers ahead!)

Happy Epiphany!

Many blessings to you and yours on this special feast day! I hope your Sunday's going well ... I'm just stopping by to say hi, and share a few pictures from our day.

First of all ... isn't this just lovely?


This beautiful creche is on display at our church; it extends all along the front of the altar. We've enjoyed watching the nativity story unfold all through Christmas (figures appear or move in a certain direction) ... and just this morning we spied the three magi, kneeling in adoration before the newborn king. I just had to take a picture today, since the creche will be put away soon, not to be seen again until next Advent.

(We had to retire our own nativity set early this year, because the cats - Oliver, mostly - just would not leave the poor figures alone! Hopefully he'll get over his little obsession, but I'm planning/hoping to make/build an outdoor creche next year ... something I've noted on my "Next Christmas" page.)

After Mass, we had Nana and Papa over for coffee and pastries:


Nothing homemade here - just a bunch of supermarket baked goods the boys picked out "special" for today. (It probably helped that I was famished while we shopped, allowing them to pick out just about one of everything, lol!)

A little later in the morning we performed our home blessing, using chalk distributed at church.


As for the balance of the day, I spent my time finishing up the daybook ...


And I was thisclose to being done - and I was really hoping to get this thing bound before the end of the day - but alas, on the first page of December, my black ink just completely gave out! 


So yes, I headed back to Staples.



Luckily there are different people working there on the weekend, so there were no eyebrows raised at my repeat visits. And you know, I just have to laugh at myself (and feel free to join in) because I'm putting all this time and energy into getting organized - but I'm being pretty disorganized about it!


Well, now it's a few hours later (I broke away from this post for a bit) and I'm happy to report that the printing is finally all done! Of course, now all the copy shops are closed ...

No worries, though ~ this actually gives me time to comb carefully through the daybook and make sure the pages are all in order and lined up just right. Had I finished this a smidge earlier, I would have surely foresaken proofreading for fast spiral-binding ...

Tomorrow, though - it's the copy shop for sure!

*knock on wood*

 Well, that's all for me, friends ... I do hope you all had a nice weekend. (Is it me, or did this weekend fly by especially fast?) I see I've had a few questions/comments left this weekend and I will get to those first thing tomorrow morning ... right now, though, it's suppertime for me and my brood!

So have a great night, everyone - you-know-what is on in just under three hours! - and I will see you all again very soon ...