Friday Felines: Care to join in?
Late Sunday Post

Snowflakes on Saturday ...


... the kind that fall from the sky, as well as the kind that come from the pizzelle press! (Or the bakery, as the case may be.)

Today we enjoyed both kinds of snowflakes! First off, a storm pushed through New England, bringing several inches to our area ... and then today happens to be the Feast of St. Agnes, so we had "snowflake cookies" in her honor. (Once upon a time, snowflakes were called "St. Agnes Flowers.") I just dusted vanilla pizzelle cookies (store-bought, not homemade) with powdered sugar and voila ...


Snowflake cookies!

To continue our "snowflake theme" of the day ...


I put up these Martha Stewart Craft Snowflake Window Clings. So pretty, and appropriate now that our New England Winter has finally kicked in ...



This is nice. This feels like January to me. :)

Now, I must confess, the whole day did not feel quite so nice - not when I, somewhat unexpectedly, had to take our sweet Archie to the vet!


(This is my little guy in the cat carrier, en route to his appointment. He was not happy about this.)

He started sneezing on Friday - like, constantly - and though he ate and behaved normally this morning, around lunchtime his right eye began to weep. And then he got quiet.

(At least "quiet" for Archie.)

After a little hemming and hawing, I called our vet who, thankfully, had office hours today. So just after setting out those pretty pizzelle cookies, I whisked Archie into his carrier, out into the storm, and off to the vet ...


(Between the roads, my nerves - and that little face! - my knuckles were white on that steering wheel!)

First, may I say, that Archie was as good as gold at the vet - though he growled a bit when they took his temp., lol. His lungs sounded clear which was really good news, but because he had a slight fever, and his "excretions" bore signs of infection, we were sent home with eye ointment and an antibiotic.

Bottom line ... he'll be fine with proper treatment and, of course, lots of LOVE. (And I would deeply appreciate any prayers you can spare for our Archie!)

I'm so glad I didn't hesitate to take him right in when things didn't seem right, because not only will the medicine kick in that much sooner, but I'll sleep better tonight!

And as for Archie, he's just glad to be home ...


Well, my friends, I hope you're all having a nice weekend ... it's time here for supper now, so I'll be off. Thank you so much for stopping by ... I will see you all again very soon!