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So ... what did you think? (Spoilers ahead!)

Downton abbey

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 ETA: I still can't get my comments to show up, so I'm going to post my thoughts here ... if you have not yet watched the first episode of season two, please do not read any further!!


Well, I thought it was fantastic of course - those two hours flew by! Bill and I didn't get started on it till about 9:30 p.m. - took longer to put the kids to bed, etc. - so when it ever ended and we realized it was nearly midnight we could hardly believe it! And here I am at 5:30 sitting with Earlybird and writing up this post ... I'll be a bit bleary eyed today, but it was definitely worth it!


So, all the drama was back of course, and the beautiful settings and costumery, etc. It's such a feast for the senses ... and I love the historical aspect to the story ...

Well, first off - that wicked Vera Bates is such a horrible woman! I just want to slap her! (Was that Mary McDonnell of Dances with Wolves fame?) My heart just *broke* for Bates ... and of course, Anna, too. Poor Anna! I think she's my favorite character in the series. (Though Bill says I say that about more than one person and it changes each episode, lol.) Oh, and when Anna was explaining to Moseley why she wouldn't be interested in a relationship ... because her heart is still tied to Bates (even though it's like he's "on the moon") I was all teared up!

Now, about Mary and Matthew ... I'm desperate for them to reunite! It's funny, because at the beginning of the series I really couldn't stand Mary at all, but she has matured and softened so much over time. Of course I wanted to slap her for ruining things so thoroughy with Matthew - breaking both their hearts - but then I felt badly for her, too. And especially now when it seems she will not reveal her true feelings to Matthew so as not to interfere with his and Lavinia's courtship ...

But speaking of Lavinia ... well, I can't stand her even though the poor girl, so far, has been nothing but nice. But there's something up between her and Sir Richard Carlisle, and I wonder what that is. I'm wondering if has something to do with this newspapers ...

(And for the record, I don't like Sir Richard ... I think he's a little slimy ... and certainly no match for Mary.)

(And how sweet was it that Mary prayed for Matthew and gave him her good luck charm? I hope it all keeps him safe.)

(Also, can I just say I think it's so endearing that Carson has a soft spot for Mary? I was so upset when he collapsed at dinner - I was sure he was done for - but thankfully he looks to be all right. Loved how he counseled Mary when she paid him a bedside visit.)

Now, as for Edith ... about whom I've had decidedly mixed feelings from the beginning (I feel sorry for her but I really don't like her much either) ... what was she thinking with the farmer? He was married, yes? That wasn't his sister who kept catching them together - it was his wife, correct? And if so, why would Edith think that all right? Is she really that selfish? And why can't she just find a man of her own instead of falling for someone elses?

As for Sybil - who I like very much - I love that she's taken on this nursing job and created a life outside of the Abbey for herself. She's so sensible and sweet. I am really pulling for Branson to capture her heart - as she obviously has his.

Now Cora I like - but I hate how dependent on and blind she is to O'Brien! (Can't she see through that awful woman? Doesn't she care that she and Thomas have been up to no good?) I have to give O'Brien credit, though - she sure knows how to look out for her own - securing that position for Thomas. (Ugh, don't get me started on Thomas … such a jerk … though I bet the war experience changes him, too.) And I found it interesting how she treated Lang - the new valet with obvious signs of PTSD. She acted very human towards him.

(And when she revealed that her own brother was killed in the war it reminded me that at that time, life was just so hard and unfair in so many ways. Especially of course for the lower class.)

Oh my gosh - and poor William! Daisy is going to break his heart and I just know he's going to die! It's such a set up - he's all proud and excited and ready to serve but we all know that the reality is going to be just so harsh and horrific. And this boy is just so sweet and good.

And OH, I really want to know how Matthew feels about Mary ... we got a clear understanding of her love for him (it is still there, still strong) but I'm not sure about him. He doesn't seem to be head over heels with Miss Swain and he does look to Mary a lot, but he keeps saying he's glad they've made up. That they're able to be "friends." I think quite possibly he's protecting himself and that he moved on to get over her. I don't think he loves Lavinia as he (once?) love(d) Mary. At least I don't hope so.

Well, I'm going to wrap this up now ... but I am eager to hear what you all thought. It really is such an amazing show - I've enjoyed immersing myself in this world over these past couple of weeks. Of course now we have to wait a WHOLE WEEK to find out what happens next! 

Have a great day, my friends ... I will talk with you all again soon ...

~ Dawn