Friday Felines ...
Let's Dish about Downton!

A Sunny Sunday Hello

Well friends, I hope you're all having a nice Sunday! The sun is so bright and beautiful here today ... but don't let that fool you ... it's barely 20 degrees!

Bitter cold aside, we're in the midst of a nice, long holiday weekend. Busy Saturday - quiet Sunday - not sure yet what Monday will bring! I thought I might share a few things with you all while I grab a few moments online ...


A bowl of clementines on the table, just soaking up the sun.


A catalog filled with summer promise ...


Bookworm's recent art project.


A craft book I'm perusing.


Our "rainbow angel" nightlight.


(And by "rainbow" I mean, she changes color. :))

Also on my mind this sunny Winter Sunday ...

*-Downton Abbey, of course! Cannot wait for tonight's installment. I'll have my "morning after" post up as quickly as possible.-*

*-This recipe sounds good - and healthy! I'll be trying it later this week.-*

*-The big Pats win last night - we're one step closer!-*

*-Great Expectationswhich I've just started reading - or re-readng, really, though it's been too many years to count!*

*-My desk - I think it's supposed to ship this week!-*


So, a bit of this, a bit of that ... but that's all I have for now. :) Thanks so much for stopping by ... to read, to say hi, or to just take a look! Have a great Sunday night, everyone ... I'll see you all again very soon!