Good Candlemas Morning!
Friday Photos (and a Few Felines)

Afternoon Candle Craft


Well, the Groundhog may have been onto something ... it felt very wintry today! The air was cold, the skies were gray, and we even had a wee bit of snow. The boys and I were in and out quite a bit through the day, but once things settled down, I indulged in a little crafting. Candle crafting, that is, in honor of today's feast. :)

So I decided to try my hand at a craft my mum used to do with us when I was little - decorating candles with small bits of pretty paper napkins. This is very similar to the tissue paper candles I'm rather fond of making.

The materials were basic and few: patterned paper napkins, plain pillar candles (I chose small, electic candles, $2 apiece at the party store), mod podge (craft glue) and paint brushes. (I didn't use the scissors shown, but I found tweezers quite helpful.)

Here's where I worked - the left corner of my new desk!


(Don't let the open window fool you ... it really was quite cold. I opened it to entice the cats away from the craft zone.)

So very simply, I just tore small images from the napkin, and applied them to the candle with a small swipe of glue.


These napkins were three-ply, so I pulled the two back layers away from the printed top. This kept the images very thin and sheer.

I then brushed an area of the candle with a small amount of mod podge and pressed the napkin bit against that area. I used a second brush to smooth the edges, though my fingers worked just as well (maybe better). I also found it convenient to use tweezers when picking up and placing the napkin bits.

It didn't take too long ... but just long enough that I only had time to make one.


Final step - the top lip of the candle.


And then I was done!


I think (if I may say so) it's quite pretty as is, but maybe even prettier, lit up:


I think these candles would make lovely Valentines for moms, nanas, aunties and the like, or - thinking ahead - even Mother's Day gifts. The project is a bit fussy so if you're working with a younger or challenged child, you might want to have the napkin bits already picked apart and ready to paste onto the candle.


So it was a very candle-centered day. We started at Mass where our tealights were blessed alongside other parishioners' candles as well as the main parish supply. And then there was my craft project, of course ... and now, as dark falls and supper is nigh, I have many candles "lit" all over the house. It makes this cold February night seem warmer, brighter ... a bit friendlier even. :)

Well my friends, I hope you all had a nice day ... and I hope this night brings you much comfort and peace. Thank so much for stopping by ... I will see you all again very soon!