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Friday Photos (and a Few Felines)

Happy Weekend, my friends -  I hope you all had a nice Friday! I have a few pictures to share with you before wrapping up the week ...

This first picture was taken by ...

Library shot


Well, I helped him take it, using my phone-camera. We were walking into the library today when he stopped us and said - "Look at that! The library is so beautiful!" So I whipped out the phone and together we got the shot.

And here he is about an hour later - inside the library, waiting for Crackerjack to finish with Book Group. This is EB's favorite aisle in the whole building - it's where you find both planet books and train books.

Library books

We also found several interesting books about flight. Since Crackerjack is working on a report about zeppelins and hot air ballooons, we decided to make the topic a family affair. :)

Here's our library corner at home:

Library books 3

And here's our Archie, just waking up ... love that tongue! 


A touch of early spring inside: pussy willows on the nature shelf.


A touch of early spring outside: crocus shoots in the ground!

Crocus shoots in feb

(I can't remember ever seeing them this early!)

And here is Bookworm's latest art class project, a landscape done in acrylics:

Acrylic landscape 2

He worked so hard on this - and he's very pleased with how it came out.

(We are too!)

So, remember I told you all I was thinking about getting an inbox (or basket) for the left side of my desk? Well, I found a great basket I already had on hand ... trouble is, guess who else thinks it's pretty great?


{Now, I must include a picture of Ollie, just to be fair.}


And I just love the following picture even though it seems pretty random ...

It was taken by Bill - roundabouts 5 a.m. This is EB and me sitting at the kitchen island very early the other morning. He's got it all going on as you can see ... fully dressed, already drawing, his iPad playing Fireman Sam. As for me, there are pajamas beneath that sweater, my hair's an obvious mess, lol, and my coffee is right there by my side.

Still. I like that this picture captured one of our very "everyday" family moments.



So, my friends ... I will be off for now, but I wish you all a pleasant evening and a lovely weekend as well. Thanks so much for stopping by ... I will see you again very soon!