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Organizing Spring Crafts

Happy Weekend, everyone!

Well this afternoon I sorted through my Spring craft supplies, so I thought you all might like to see a few things I'll be working on in the upcoming weeks ... 

These styrofoam eggs will be covered with colorful sequins and adorned with a golden ribbon. (Following the same idea as this Christmas project.)

Lent crafts 1

They may be given as gifts, or simply hung as Easter decorations.

Below are framing mats, vellum paper, ribbon and an electric candle ...

Lent crafts 3

These materials will be assembled into a small Spring lantern. My friend Kim described this craft to me the other day over the phone and I knew I just had to try it. What I will also need are images for the lantern "windows" which I will find using clipart and/or stickers. (Remember that Kate Greenaway clipart book I received for my birthday? That might work nicely here.)

But speaking of stickers, here are some pretty Spring faith-and-nature themed stickers I found:

Lent crafts 2

(I'll use these in all kinds of ways ... I just love stickers.)

These tiny wooden crosses I bought at Michaels, for about $1 apiece.

Lent crafts 4

I plan to paint them (one for each of my boys) and back them with bright art tissue or vellum paper. Then we will hang them in our learning room windows to catch that wonderful Spring light.

This here will be a family monogram ...

Lent crafts 5

I plan to paint it and (perhaps) embellish it with stickers. I chose a deep red paint and a golden-red glitter - colors to match the sitting/learning room.

This project will be a small family "intentions" candle set.

Lent crafts 6

It's hard to see, but behind the butterfly there is a small wooden dish, three glass votive candleholders and a spool of golden ribbon. I chose battery-lit votives as they are safer for children to use.

And below are the makings of some Lent & Easter banners ... 

Lent crafts 7

I have here several pieces of felt in shades of purple and glittery white, as well as sequins, stick-on letters, ribbon and wooden dowels. These will be two-sided banners - Lent on one side, Easter on the other.

I've listed these craft projects in my Lenten binder and over the next several weeks I'll plug them in where I (we) have time. I can say, I plan to work on the banners with EB this week. (Ideally I'd already have them up but that nasty virus set us back a bit.)

Once I had all my supplies sorted, I tucked them in this handy storage box ...

Lent crafts 8

I like to use clear bins for storing craft supplies and I usually separate materials by type (i.e. knitting crafts in one box, painting materials in another ...). But I also like to have one handy bin that is devoted to crafts that are timely or seasonal. As in the case of my "Spring Crafts" seen here. :)


Well, I hope you are all having a nice weekend! Have you been out and about? Or perhaps catching up on the homefront? We're doing a little of both here ... but the weather has been just crazy! Bright and blustery as all get out - wind speeds around 60 mph! It makes me realize how close we are to March 1st, which of course traditionally comes in "like a lion." With the roaring of the wind outside, I'd say he's knocking on our door already!

So enjoy your night, my friends, and your Sunday tomorrow ... I will see you again very soon.